Thursday, 30 October 2014

1st November

The 1st November is of course All Saint's Day. A religious feast and holy day of obligation. The 1st of November is also the day when thousands of Irish people will take to the streets in opposition to a tax on water.

Earlier this month over 100,000 people marched in Dublin and there have been marches in other cities,towns and villages are the country.

Thousands of people have returned their packs to Irish Water with 'No Consent, No Contract' written on them.

Whilst political parties have jumped on the water charges bandwagon, opposition to water tax is largely apolitical and people focused.

Those familiar with the alternative media can follow the news via the 'hashtags'. #Right2Water #IrishWater  #Nov1

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Punch and Judy in the Registrar's Court: A win's a Win....

News via the Louth Land League.

What a morning we in the Louth Land League have had, what an eye opener it was. The Registrar's court was in session in Dundalk and a number of our people were summoned by their banks who were ultimately seeking Possession Orders. There were eighty six cases on the list and around five per cent of homeowners turned up, mainly our people. One of our homeowners had lodged a conditional appearance last week, his lender was Leeds Building Society (LBS). The conditions of his appearance were that he was not giving the court Jurisdiction as he had constitutionally based defence arguments and as such only the High and Supreme Courts could hear those arguments (thank you Bunreacht Na H'Eireann). Naturally our man was put last on the list. This is common-place when the powers that be don't want the masses to hear what is going to be said.

Our man's name was up, after waiting for an hour and a half, but where was the solicitor for LBS? Nowhere to be seen. In fact there was only one solicitor left in the courtroom and he wasn't there for LBS. The Registrar said from the bench that she was aware LBS solicitors were on their way and she told her assistant to phone down to reception to see if there was any sign of them. It's important to point out at this juncture that everytime a homeowner wasn't present in the court the Registrar just ploughed on and certainly didn't phone reception to see where they were.

Things became truly farcical. The Registrar had a whispering session with her assistant and it is clear they agreed between them to call out the old cases again, even though by this time the court was now completely Solicitor free. Each time she called a case, desperately seeking time for LBS, she asked if the homeowner was present, but never asked of the bank's Solicitors who were obviously not there. After what appeared an embarassingly long time, those left in the court couldn't help but start to murmer amongst each other in acknowledgement of the pig-circus in full regalia, and some could not hold in their giggling.

Eventually our man stood up and asked that the matter be struck out as the Plaintiff did not have the manners to even show up. The Registrar suggested that the matter be adjourned until February, suggesting this is the way things are done. Our man insisted on a strike out and the Registrar advised him that LBS would have a right to re-apply and that she was going to adjourn. Our man was coy enough to ask "so are you refusing my request for a strike out". The Registrar sighed and said "Strike out with right to re-apply".

On the face of it, it may seem like the moral of the story is that if you, in such circumstances, insist on a strike out you'll get one.  After the case, on reflection over tea, we began to think otherwise. We've all witnessed the choreography that can happen in the courts, especially the Circuit Courts, how the officials of the courts communicate behind the scenes with banks when necessary and the questionable relationships between those same officials and the banks. Taking this into account, was the failure of LBS to turn up, and the charade afterwards, what it first appeared, or was it an elaborate and ultimately succesful effort to prevent the conditional appearance from ever seeing the light of day? We may never know, but our man is in his home tonight sleeping sound with his wife and kids. I hope they take this evening out to do something nice together and have a toast on LBC and the Registrar's Court.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Protests against Roma Criminality in Waterford!

In recent times local people have held protests in opposition to muggings, assaults and grooming of young girls being carried out by Roma in Waterford city. Local people have had enough.

Friday, 24 October 2014


Support for those taken to court by the Banks!

Whilst usually not reported in the mainstream media support is there for those being taken to court by banks and other financial institutions. We are happy to share the contact details for The Hub. The Hub have an office in Dublin and Galway.

There are other individuals and groups also doing good work in the community.