Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Setback to Community Policing in Dublin

Aggressive and over zealous actions by the Gardai does nothing for community relations. The actions of the Gardai at the behest of "Irish Water" is to be condemned. Videos show male Gardai pushing women and children, who are engaged in their constitutional right to protest.

The aggressive actions of the Gardai is a setback to community policing. Are the Gardai aggressive in catching rapists and drug dealers? By their actions the Gardai have shown themselves to be bullies and far removed from their role as "guardians of the peace".

Irish Water and water charges are nothing other than cronyism.  There can be little confidence in the Gardai if they act in the manner during protests.

Thousands of people have already returned their pack to Irish Water with "No Consent, No Contract" written on the unopened pack.

Gardai attacking Peaceful protesters in Limewood

Gardai pushing women. Far removed from being "guardians of the peace"


Garda Superindent overules over zealous Gardai

The handcuffs are removed.

R184 again tries a wrongful arrest and is over ruled


Gardai securing Barriers for GMC SIERRA

This is not the role of the Gardai.


Protest outside Raheny Garda Barracks!

News from Dublin. Local people protesting.

Aggressive Policing in Limewood

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The Garda oath and the Irish constitution both seem to be disregarded based on the actions of the Gardai. They are guardians of the peace and not the private security for corporations.

Public locked out of Waterford Courthouse!

Firstly, well done to The Hub Ireland for organising the demonstration outside the courthouse in Waterford yesterday.

As one who attended it was incredible but not surprising to be locked out of a public building.

The Hub Ireland had organised the non political demonstration in opposition to 'repossessions' of the family home and to help people.

The Public Order Unit was deployed and the gates to courthouse were closed. Access was restricted and even the media were denied entry to the public building.

The banks are not having it their own way and dislike that public opinion is largely against the banksters. The demonstration which various media outlets covered was well received by people passing the courthouse.

The demonstration was peaceful and a dignified presence was maintained.

Help and support is available for those fighting the banks in the courts or outside the court arena.

For updates see:

Local media denied entry to Waterford Courthouse

People locked out at Waterford Courthouse