Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Protest to be held outside Waterford Courthouse!

You are encouraged to attend this protest.

See here for details.

We are heading to Waterford on the 29th September, coach from the Red Cow to Waterford City.

Why: 29 families are in the Circuit Court and it is about time we started to make our voices known.

A peaceful protest outside the Court to let them know that the people are sick of it and to let the 29 families know that they are not alone and eviction is not an option. 10:30 sitting before Mr Niall Rooney.

Dublin: Red Cow for the coach to Waterford:

Luas, City Centre to Red Cow, return: €4.60

All day parking at the Red Cow: €4.00

Coach from the Red Cow to Waterford: 07:15 – 09:50 by JJ Kavanagh €19.00, return
Or Bus Eireann from the Red Cow, 07:45 – 10:00, €20.50.

Return to Red Cow, Dublin: 15:00 – 17:15.

Personally I am going to splash-out the extra €1.50 and get the 07:45.

Monday, 15 September 2014


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As a Common Law Jurisdiction there are certain principles that apply to all men and women, first and foremost it is fact that:
“Every Man, Woman and Child is born and is by nature free. Accordingly, no-one can be subordinated to another or to any external authority, since every person’s inherent wisdom and liberty makes the complete and sufficient creations in themselves within a wider community of equals. Commonality endows all people with unalienable rights to establish among themselves their own governance, (apart from the principles of Common Law, our own Constitution reinforces these same principles), and to defend themselves against any tyranny or violence including that inflicted by external authorities.”
With regard to the Financial Crisis which, at this very moment, exposes the very real possibility that 10% of the population representing 126,000 Private Dwelling Houses, (family homes), are facing the possibility of Eviction, the next point must be canvassed with regard to Banker’s and the Civil Court system as it prevails in Ireland today.
“Natural Law gives rise to customary Common Law whose purpose is to protect the inherent liberties and sovereignty of men and women in a community by maintaining equity and peace among them. Common Law derives its authority from the people themselves and from the capacity of the people to know what is just and to judge right and wrong for themselves. This capacity is expressed in a Jury system of twelve freely chosen people who are the ultimate Judge, Jury and Authority under common law and its courts.”
This is the point at which we start to stray considerably into the area of inequality, unfairness and serious infringement of rights previously accepted and acknowledged as the normal status quo. Common Law and the right to a fair hearing before a Jury of our peers in Ireland exists only in the Criminal sphere, as does the automatic right to legal representation where an accused person, lacking the resources to secure adequate legal representation would be deemed to be at a fatal disadvantage and seriously prejudiced if legal representation was not available.
The Criminal system insists that Justice is seen to be done and this is the central provision which addresses the issue of inequity if an accused person is unrepresented in a trial, this is NOT the case in the Civil Court system we operate.
A person is presumed innocent in the Criminal system until proven guilty while in the Civil system the accused person bears the onus of proving they are innocent or the injured party following the swearing of an Affidavit alleging the person is culpable by a Bank employee who generally has never had any dealings with the accused nor even ever having met the accused, these affidavits are sworn based on evidence contained in the records of the Bank and generally remain unchallenged.
Bank’s move extremely quickly in Ireland by abusing the Summary Summons process which amounts to a rush to judgement whilst denying the Defendant and opportunity to object, in most cases when there is a statable defence but because of a lack of experience and the absence of legal representation for economic reasons the Defendant is placed in a position of extreme prejudice, the absence of a Jury amplifies the injustice and clears the way for summary judgement granting the orders requested by the Bank’s.
Civil Law in Ireland does not provide for a Jury Trial.
Civil Law in Ireland does not provide for “equality of arms” by providing legal representation to an accused defendant lacking the resources to provide their own representation.
The result of these inequalities is a blatant denial of basic Civil and Human Rights.
While a Defendant may well have an arguable defence to the allegations of a Bank, while the defendant might well have a robust cause of action to counter sue the Bank and / or have the original unenforceable Contract set aside or even a voidable, governing Contract which is relied upon by the Bank, the truth is, without the benefit of legal representation of the ability as a lay litigant to successfully represent themselves, such Defendants will surely lose.
This status suits the Bank’s hugely but it also suits the Legal Profession who stand to gain much much more by working for the Banks only and the Judiciary who seem to be intent on retaining the position which results in the Bank winning all the time.
At this stage in the Financial Crisis and with the benefit of a degree of hindsight, the cause of the Financial meltdown can be squarely attributed to both the professional (and possibly criminal) failure of the Banks themselves and the catastrophic failure of government regulation. With this in mind, it is a complete abomination to accept that the Bank’s should be afforded the absolute and total benefit of a legal system which is so detrimental to the distressed borrower and offends first principles of Common Law.
The effect of Civil Law as it operates in Ireland today, in fact demonstrates that Common Law and Civil Law are fundamentally opposed and in truth, are at war with each other.
We now exist in a Society which is harassed and penalised daily by Government while completely subjugated to corporate entities in the form of Bank’s, with the compliant assistance of a completely ineffectual Government, in that subjugation.
It is critically important that the People re-affirm our position and relegate corporate banking entities to their rightful position which is subservient to the People.
In every action going forward between a Bank and a distressed borrower, we must arrest the rush to judgement which has become the norm. The Summary Summons process should be returned to the status it was originally intended for and that was the exception rather than the rule, any matter between a Bank and a distressed borrower must be completely ventilated before a full Jury Court. This must happen in the interest of public confidence in a re-established Civil judicial System in Ireland.
We are a Common Law Jurisdiction and all the protections of such must be upheld for all men and women without exception.
The good news is, the Banks have, through their over-confident, greed fuelled, debt binge, and their refusal to acknowledge their central role on the destruction of so many lives, hopes and dreams, brought about their own demise, with the help of God and a few good people, the day is now imminent when the absolute truth of the level of criminal fraud, misrepresentation and government failure will become common knowledge in Ireland.
More details will be forthcoming as they become available.
In the meantime can I respectfully ask that your support is continued and increased for one particular group, and that is the Land League, for distressed borrowers this group may well be the last bastion of support and the last hope, and I remind you of a famous quote,
“All that is required for Evil to Triumph, is for good men to do nothing”

Sunday, 14 September 2014


With the children of Gaza returning to school we remember the children and all Palestinians, who were massacred by Zionist terror in recent times. Netanyahu has lost support in 'Israel' because not all Palestinians have been massacred.

A boycott of Israeli goods and products continues as does the occupation of Palestine. Palestine, the land of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ.

Continue to pray for the people of Gaza especially the children.

Moses Explains

The EC of Bishop Richard Williamson

Number CCCLXXII (372)
August 30, 2014


If any Catholic seeks an in-depth explanation of the on-going madness in Gaza, he should read Moses in the Old Testament. For instance, if the Israelites do not keep the commandments of God, they will be stricken with “madness and blindness and fury of mind” (Deut. XXVIII, 28), among many other curses. As Fr Meinvielle said, the Jews are a theological race, and they cannot escape their theological destiny – they are bound to God like no other people on earth.
In Deuteronomy Moses is giving to the Israelites their last solemn instructions before they enter the Promised Land, and before he dies. In Chapter 28 (parallelled by Levit. XXVI) Moses makes very clear the mind of Jehovah (or Yahweh), the God of the Old Testament, identical with the God of the New Testament: the Jews will be specially blessed (v.1–14) if they obey the one true God, they will be specially cursed (v. 15–68) if they disobey him. Either way, they are a special race being given a special knowledge of the one true God for a special mission that they must fulfil for him, with a special reward or punishment from him, depending on how they fulfil that mission.
No wonder Jews think they are special! Among the blessings listed here by Moses, God will raise them “higher than all nations” (v.1); “to be a holy people unto himself” (v.9); to be “the head and not the tail” (v.13). But in every one of these three verses it is noteworthy how Moses makes the Israelites’ superiority depend on their obedience to God: if they will “hear the voice of God and keep all his commandments” (v.1); if they “hear his commandments and walk in his ways” (v.9); if they will “hear the commandments of God and keep and do them” (v.13).
On the other hand if the Israelites try to be that superior nation on their own terms, disobeying God (v.15), then a multitude of curs es will come upon them (v.16–68), and they will be scorned, hated and trampled upon by all other nations: they will be “scattered throughout all the kingdoms of the earth” (v.25); they will be stricken with “madness and blindness and fury of mind” (v.28 – think of Gaza!); the stranger with whom they live will “rise up over” them, he will be the head and they will be the tail (v.43–44); their enemy will put an “iron yoke” upon their neck (v.48); the Lord God will afflict them with all kinds of sufferings (v.59–61), and they will be “taken away from the land which they will go in to possess” (v.63). And all of this they will suffer because of not keeping and fulfilling the words of God’s law (v.58).
Alas, did all these blessings and curses announced by the great Moses avail to make the Israelites recognize and serve their Messiah and Incarnate God when he came, as also prophesied by Moses (D eut. XVIII, 15–18)? No, they crucified him instead, which has for now nearly 2000 years brought down on their heads all of Moses’ curses. They made themselves into the most despised and downtrodden nation on earth, and they lost their right to the Promised Land, being driven out and scattered everywhere else from the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
Nor does their regaining possession of the Holy Land mean that the curse is being lifted, because they are doing it on their own terms and not on God’s, so that the very re-possession turns into part of the curse. As Plato said (Georgias), it is better to suffer than to commit an injustice, and therefore in spiritual reality, the Israelis are more to be pitied than the Palestinians. Patience. We “all have sinned and do need the glory of God” (Rom. III, 22–23).
Kyrie eleison.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

What to do with the Irish Water "Application Pack"!

Many have received a pack from Irish Water. You are encouraged to return to sender. Do not open.Write on the envelope.

  • Return to sender.
  • No Consent.
  • No Contract. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

The "Benefits" of Multi-Culturalism in Ireland

"It enriches our society". "It brings in much needed skills". "We need more workers to pay the taxes"

These are the lies we regularly hear in support of multi-culturalism. Are we to believe that our homogenous society wasn't rich and vibrant-that it was somehow "bland"?

Are we to believe that our own people aren't highly skilled, able to work or able to be educated?

The Irish people, who are sovereign, were never asked if they wanted this.

Those who speak of the "benefits" of multi-culturalism" do not live in the immigrant "enriched" areas of Ireland. They tell us how "great" immigration is from their leafy suburb.

In England the multi racial society is a living nightmare for the English people. Immigrant crime is on the increase in Ireland.

Multi-culturalism and multi racialism bear dangerous fruits. They are the social experiments of those who seek to wreck Nations and people's Identity.

Patriots in Ireland and across Europe have duty to fight back.